Tenera Care Indoor Positioning Solution (IPS) is a fully managed cloud service that is easy to install. Identify the exact position (within 15cm), movement and proximity of people or assets in real-time.

Tenera Care creates a safer environment in your care facilities by monitoring the location of your residents, staff, visitors and assets both indoors and outdoors, detects hazardous situations and minimizes incident response time.

Contact Tracing

With Contact Tracing, we can easily tell who someone interacted with, at what distance, in what location, and for how long over any time period.


The real time physical location of every registered device in your facility may be monitored in the console

Slip and Fall

Receive resident slip and fall audible and text notifications on registered staff devices.


View additional details of staff, residents, visitors or assets by mousing over their registered device in the console.

Battery Life Monitoring

Receive alerts on wearable devices when the remaining battery life drops to a minimum critical level.

Care Schedules

Create and monitor virtual ’rounds’, such as medication distribution and skin care checks, to ensure sufficient care protocols are being maintained.

Heat Map

Display the real time or historical heat distribution of devices. Locations with several devices will show up as ‘hot spots’.